Monday, May 27, 2024

Google Chrome Now Has More Than 3 Billion Users

Google Chrome has catapulted in popularity since its debut, and now has more than 3 billion users worldwide.

Internet Explorer was once the most popular browser, with Mozilla’s Firefox second. Once Google entered the fray with Chrome, the entire market was turned upside-down, and Chrome quickly become the most popular browser.

Recent research by AtlasVPN, however, puts Chromes market share at a whopping 3,258,256,887 users, or 41% of the population.

“The key reason for such browser popularity is the fact that it has been created by the tech giant Google,” writes AtlasVPN’s Anton P. “In addition, many people praise it for various customizable options and speed compared to other browsers.”

Safari comes in second, with 944,576,100 users, thanks largely to its base of iOS/iPadOS devices, as well as the Mac . Firefox comes in third place with 181,435,430 users. Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet and Opera round out the top six with 171,327,607, 166,779,086 and 112,196,840 respectively.

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