Sunday, June 16, 2024

Threads Decouples a Bit From Instagram, Users Can Delete Accounts Separately

Meta is making a major change to Threads, giving users the ability to delete a Threads account without also losing their Instagram account.

Threads is currently tied to an Instagram account, with no way for users to delete one without also deleting the other. According to TechCrunch, that is about to change, with Meta finally giving users a way to delete their Threads account independently.

“Technically, it was extremely challenging to allow deletion of a separate Threads account without also deleting your overall Instagram account out of the gate. So we paid particular attention to ensuring the user could still exercise their deletion rights, by deactivating the account to sort of hide all content, setting it to private or deleting individual threads,” said Michel Protti, Meta’s chief privacy officer for product.

The company says the new feature will be available by December.

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