Monday, May 27, 2024

Valve Preparing Nintendo Switch-Like Gaming Device

Valve, the maker of the popular Steam gaming platform, is reportedly looking to release its own Switch-style gaming device.

Valve is a household name in gaming circles, thanks to its Steam platform. Steam is a popular cross-platform game distribution service that includes some of the most popular titles in existence.

The company is looking to expand beyond game distribution, with a foray into hardware, according to Ars Technica. The new device is code-named “SteamPal,” and appears to have a touchscreen and feature a wider profile than the Nintendo Switch. It’s believed the extra width will be used for an array of gaming controls.

There’s no concrete information on price, but Ars believes the device is built with Linux in mind. This will hopefully help keep the cost down, as Valve will be able to avoid the licensing fees associated with Windows.

While nothing is certain, it’s believed the device may make its debut later this year, as long as the supply chain and current semiconductor shortage can support it.

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