Friday, July 19, 2024

EU Wants to Crack Open Apple’s Walled Garden Even More

The EU has its sights set on Apple once again, with the bloc looking to force Apple to open its walled garden.

Apple is famous for its tightly controlled ecosystem. The company has already weather legal challenges within the US to its closed ecosystem, but the EU appears poised to issue further challenges, especially after forcing the company to adopt USB-C instead of its own Lightning port.

According to Reuters, EU industry chief Thierry Breton met with Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA is the EU’s sweeping legislation aimed at reigning in Big Tech, especially so-called “gatekeeper” companies that control entire platforms.

“The next job for Apple and other Big Tech, under the DMA (Digital Markets Act) is to open up its gates to competitors,” Breton told Reuters.

“Be it the electronic wallet, browsers or app stores, consumers using an Apple iPhone should be able to benefit from competitive services by a range of providers,” he said.

Only time will tell if anything more comes from Breton’s comments, but the EU is certainly not a jurisdiction to be trifled with when it comes to its efforts to regulate Big Tech.

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