Friday, July 19, 2024

Microsoft Announces General Availability of Edge on Linux

Microsoft has released a stable version of its Edge web browser for Linux, adding another option for users.

Roughly a year ago, Microsoft made a preview version of Edge available for Linux, and has been working on improving it ever since. Despite being from Microsoft, the browser has actually received relatively positive reviews in the Linux community.

Having a Linux version of Edge also provides a way for individuals to have the same browser experience on Windows, macOS and Linux.

“A common request is your need for Microsoft Edge to span the breadth of operating systems in your environment,” Colleen Williams and Sean Lyndersay

write in a blog post. “Last October, we made Microsoft Edge available on Linux in preview channels (Dev and Beta channels) and today, the browser is generally available for Linux via the stable channel. This milestone officially rounds out the full complement of major platforms served by Microsoft Edge through stable channel: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and now Linux. To use Microsoft Edge on Linux, users can download it from our website or retrieve it using the command line from a Linux package manager.”

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