Sunday, June 16, 2024

Apple Fixes Issue Where macOS Monterey Could Brick Some Machines

Apple has addressed an issue that led the latest version of macOS, macOS Monterey, to brick some Macs.

A major operating system release often brings new features, improved performance and the potential for major bugs or issues. In the case of macOS Monterey, the new OS bricked some Macs, specifically ones with Apple’s T2 security chip.

According to a statement Apple provided to long-time Apple writer Rene Ritchie, the issue has been resolved.

We have identified and fixed an issue with the firmware on the Apple T2 security chip that prevented a very small number of users from booting up their Mac after updating macOS. The updated firmware is now included with the existing macOS updates. Any users impacted by this issue can contact Apple Support for assistance.

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