Monday, May 27, 2024

Google News Showcase Makes Its Way to the Desktop

Google News Showcase has made its way to the desktop, continuing the company’s efforts to change how it interacts with news publishers.

Google News Showcase is the company’s platform that pays publishers to work with Google’s news products. The product has already been launched in the U.K., Australia, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Czechia and India, backed by a $1 billion fund. The platform was pivotal to Google smoothing things over with Australia when it passed legislation to force tech companies to pay for news.

The product has now moved beyond mobile and made its way to the desktop. Alex Cox, Product Manager, News made the announcement in a company blog post.

“Today, we’re announcing a few new features for News Showcase. First, we’re rolling out News Showcase for desktop users of Google News (via Now every user of Google News, regardless of what device they’re using, can see enhanced story panels from our News Showcase partners. This feature is available in the eight countries where we’ve currently launched News Showcase.”

Cox also reiterated the company’s commitment to supporting journalism.

“News Showcase is just one part of Google’s overall commitment to the news industry. We partner with news publishers through the Google News Initiative, offer innovative products like Subscribe with Google to help them earn sustainable revenue, and build tools like those in Journalist Studio to help make it simpler and more affordable to uncover and write stories. High-quality journalism is important to us, to our users and to society as a whole, and we’re dedicated to ensuring a positive future with our products and investments.”

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