Monday, May 27, 2024

Google Bringing HTTPS-Only Mode to Chrome

Google appears to be working on an HTTPS-Only Mode for Chrome, a move that will significantly improve the browser’s security.

HTTPS is the secure version of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). When a website’s address begins with “https”, the communication between web browser and website is secure. While many websites automatically use HTTPS, some still do not, representing a potential security risk if any sensitive information is sent or received from it.

Google is now working on an HTTPS-Only Mode for Chrome that would automatically upgrade any insecure website connections to secure ones, at least where possible. The move follows similar ones by Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

According to The Record, Google is working on the feature in Chrome Canary 93. It’s unclear, however, if the finished version will be ready in time for the official release of Chrome 93, or if HTTPS-Only Mode will debut later.

As the maker of the most popular web browser (by far), it’s disappointing Google is so late to the party with such an important feature. Nonetheless, at least it is joining the party.

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