Friday, May 24, 2024

System76 Launches Open Source Configurable Keyboard

System76 has unveiled the Launch Configurable Keyboard, an open source, customizable keyboard with cross-platform support.

Computer keyboards are often a very personal choice, with some preferring mechanical keyboards, futuristic options or highly ergonomic designs. Some prefer non-QUERTY layouts that offer some efficiency and typing speed benefits.

System76 has an innovative solution, with its Launch Configurable Keyboard. The keyboard allows the user to swap out keys, rearranging them to suit their style of typing. Meanwhile, the included software makes it possible to remap the keys so they send the proper signal. The keyboard supports macOS, Linux and Windows.

Place control back into your hands. Remap keys, swap keycaps, and configure multiple layers to your liking. Launch uses only three keycap sizes to vastly expand your configuration options.

The Launch keyboard is sure to be a hit among those that want more control over their typing experience.

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