Monday, May 27, 2024

Spotify Cancels Plans to Support AirPlay 2

Spotify has cancelled its plans to support AirPlay 2, disappointing Apple fans who use the service.

AirPlay is Apple’s protocol to stream music or video from an Apple device to a compatible speaker, TV or streaming device. AirPlay 2 has a number of advantages over the original version, including Siri integration, lower latency and multi-room support.

Unfortunately, despite being available for more than three years, Spotify has no intentions of supporting it anytime soon. In a message posted to the company’s community boards, one of the moderators said the company was looking to support AirPlay 2, but decided not to at this time.

Hello everyone,

We’ve discussed this Idea internally and while we are working on supporting AirPlay2 in a proper way, we have decided to close it for now.

The reason for this is that due to audio driver compatibility issues, this seems like a bigger project that we won’t be able to complete in the foreseeable future.

Please keep adding your votes and comments here and as soon as we have anything new to share, we’ll check back with an update.

Despite the competition between the two companies, it’s hard to imagine Spotify is hurting anyone but itself. There are many Apple customers that prefer Spotify, but a lack of integration with the rest of the Apple ecosystem is a deal-breaker for some.

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