Thursday, June 20, 2024

Parallels Plans to Bring Windows 11 to macOS

Parallels is already working on supporting Windows 11 on Apple’s macOS, although no release date has been set.

Parallels is one of the leading virtualization companies and has been a stalwart on the Mac platform for years. The software allows Mac users to run Windows and Linux from within macOS.

The company recently updated its software to support Apple’s M1 processors, based on the same processor the company uses in its iPhone and iPad. The company confirmed to iMore that it is now working to support Windows 11 as well.

“Since Windows 11 has just been announced recently, the Parallels Engineering team is waiting for the official Windows 11 Insider Preview build to start studying changes introduced in the new OS to deliver full compatibility in future Parallels Desktop updates,” Nick Dobrovolskiy, SVP of Engineering and Support told iMore.

Parallels did not give a release date, or even a window, but did say it “will surely do everything that’s possible to make it happen.”

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