Sunday, June 16, 2024

KDE Community Has Released Plasma 5.24

The KDE Community has released the latest version of the popular desktop, KDE Plasma 5.24, bringing a number of improvements.

KDE Plasma is one of the most popular Linux desktops, and is known for the plethora of options, features, and customizations it offers. It takes a decidedly different design philosophy than its top competitor, Gnome, which focuses more on a simple, streamlined interface.

The latest version of Plasma makes a number of improvements to the interface and workflow, including borrowing some features from Gnome, such as the new Overview. The feature is still in beta, but already looks relatively polished.

The new release also has fingerprint reader support, an improved Breeze theme for better consistency with apps, easier customization, clearer labeling for critical notifications, simpler system settings, and more.

While none of the features are groundbreaking, when taken together, they make up a solid upgrade that should improve the day-to-day KDE experience. This is also an LTS (long-term support) upgrade, meaning it will be supported for the rest of the 5.x lifecycle.

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