Thursday, June 20, 2024

CutFishOS Linux Distro Is Being Developed Once Again

CuteFishOS appears to be under active development once again after a mysterious pause that left its fans worried.

CuteFishOS is a Linux distro that looks similar to macOS and quickly gained a following. Development appeared to stop, with no explanation given. According to The New Stack, ten fans of the distro even went so far as to fork it in an effort to keep it alive and moving forward.

It appears the effort was in vain, with the project’s GitHub page announcing that CuteFishOS is back.

“Your Favorite CutefishOS are back now! New website in the works (coming soon)…”

There’s still no explanation of what transpired, or why the development appeared to stall. In the meantime, the fork briefly undertaken by the fans has been put on hold since the official distro appears to be moving forward again.

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