Friday, March 31, 2023

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Disney Delivers Mixed News on Its Disney+ Streaming Platform

Disney turned in its quarterly results, including a mixed bag of news regarding its Disney+ and other streaming services.

Sling TV Raises Prices

Sling TV has announced it is raising prices, citing increased programming costs and rising inflation.

CutFishOS Linux Distro Is Being Developed Once Again

CuteFishOS appears to be under active development once again after a mysterious pause that left its fans worried.

HBO Max and Discovery+ Will Merge to Create New Streaming Service

Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav has said HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge to form a new, larger streaming service.

Timeshift Backup Tool Finds New Home at Linux Mint

The popular Linux backup tool, Timeshift, is moving to Linux Mint as the distribution (distro) takes over development of the utility.

Bethesda Sunsetting Its Game Launch in Favor of Steam

Bethesda has announced it is sunsetting its own Launcher, embracing Steam instead.

KDE Community Has Released Plasma 5.24

The KDE Community has released the latest version of the popular desktop, KDE Plasma 5.24, bringing a number of improvements.

Microsoft Commits to Keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation — For Now

Following Microsoft’s blockbuster purchase of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer is working to reassure PlayStation users.

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