Friday, July 19, 2024

Twitter Introduces First ‘Algorithmic Bias’ Bounty

Bug bounties are a common incentive in the tech industry, but Twitter is introducing the first “algorithmic bias” bounty.

Twitter pulled its auto cropping algorithm in May after the company found it had a number of biases. The company is working to address that, enlisting the community’s help.

“For this challenge, we are re-sharing our saliency model and the code used to generate a crop of an image given a predicted maximally salient point and asking participants to build their own assessment,” writes Jutta Williams, Product Manager, Twitter META. “Successful entries will consider both quantitative and qualitative methods in their approach. For more details on the challenge, including how to enter and the rubric we’ll use to score entries, visit the submission page on HackerOne.”

First place will receive $3,500, second place $1,000 and third place will receive $500. There will be a $1,000 price for Most Innovative and $1,000 for Most Generalizable (applies to the most types of algorithms).

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