Friday, July 19, 2024

Ring Rolls Out Video End-to-End Encryption

Ring has announced end-to-end encryption is now available to customers internationally.

Ring made headlines in late 2019 with a string of security issues, including devices being hacked and giving outsiders the ability to watch and communicate with a home’s occupants. VICE reviewed Ring’s security and found it was abysmal, not doing nearly enough to protect user privacy. Ultimately, the issues led to a lawsuit over Amazon and Ring’s failure to protect users.

Ring has now announced end-to-end encryption for its products, with a goal to protecting user privacy.

“We believe that our customers should control who sees their videos,” writes Ring’s Josh Roth. “By default, Ring already encrypts customer videos when they are uploaded to the cloud (in transit) and stored on Ring’s servers (at rest). Now, customers around the world, with eligible Ring devices, can opt into video End-to-End Encryption, to add an extra layer of security that only allows their videos to be viewed on their enrolled mobile device. This advanced security option is simple to set up via the Control Center in the Ring App, and offers additional peace of mind and protection.”

While Ring is to be commended for finally adding end-to-end encryption, it’s puzzling why the company has made it opt-in instead of opt-out. Given the issues Ring has already experienced, one would think the company would take every measure possible to protect users, while giving them the ability to opt-out.

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