Thursday, July 18, 2024

Microsoft Edge the ‘Best Performing Browser on Windows 10’

On the heels of announcing Internet Explorer’s imminent demise, Microsoft says Edge is the “best performing browser on Windows 10.”

Microsoft announced Internet Explorer’s end of life date a week ago, and now the company is reassuring users the future is bright for its replacement, Microsoft Edge. In fact, thanks to its Chromium foundation and Microsoft’s hard work, the browser is now the browser to beat on Windows 10.

There are two features contributing to Edge’s increased performance: Startup boost and sleeping tabs.

Startup boost offloads core Microsoft Edge processes to the background, enabling the browser to start faster. 

Microsoft Edge Sleeping Tabs – Credit Microsoft

Sleeping tabs is designed to boost performance when using multiple tabs. When switching to a new tab, the feature will immediately put any ads in background tabs to sleep, thereby conserving energy and boosting the overall performance of Edge and Windows.

Users will see these benefits with the release of version 91 later this week.

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