Thursday, July 18, 2024

Broken iPhone 13 Screen Must be Fixed by Apple for Face ID to Work

In a major blow to the right to repair movement, users will need to have Apple repair an iPhone 13 broken screen if they want Face ID to work.

Right to repair is gaining significant momentum, with the New York Senate passing right to repair legislation, Congressman Joe Morelle introducing such a bill in the US House and the FTC embracing right to repair.

In view of the changing climate, it’s somewhat surprising that Apple is locking down one of the most critical features of an iPhone, namely Face ID. Spotted by Mashable, Phone Repair Guru has posted a video showing that if anyone other than Apple replaces an iPhone 13 screen, Face ID will stop working.

Phone Repair Guru says there are steps that could be taken to mitigate the problem, but those steps are far too technical for the majority of repair shops.

The news is sure to fuel further calls for substantial right to repair legislation.

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