NASA Updates Iphone App To Version 2.0

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May 23 ~ Category: Uncategorized | Comments Off

NASA is pretty much at the forefront of technology when it comes to a lot of things. SO it is no surprise that they have launched a version 2.0 for their iPhone app. What is surprising is that the app doesn’t support the retina display so it is real blocky and grainy.

SuperTooth Crystal in-car Bluetooth speakerphone

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May 9 ~ Category: Uncategorized | Comments Off

My expensive Toyota Highlander has a problem, and it’s one that’s bugged me for a long time: I paid the extra thousands of dollars for the high-end navigational system and hands-free Bluetooth cell phone speaker system, and while I love the nav system, the cellphone support is pretty awful. No it doesn’t display caller ID […]

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