Will Apple TV Change Television As We Know It?

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Apr 25 ~ Category: Uncategorized | Comments Off

It has been said that Apple does not enter a market except to completely revolutionize it. The MP3 player market, the smartphone market, the tablet market – none of these were invented by Apple. There were MP3 players before the iPod, smartphones before the iPhone, and tablet computers before the iPad. But with each product […]

Will Chips Become Mini Internets?

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Apr 11 ~ Category: Uncategorized | Comments Off

Computer chips have stopped getting faster. In order to keep increasing chips’ computational power at the rate to which we’ve grown accustomed, chipmakers are instead giving them additional “cores,” or processing units. Today, a typical chip might have six or eight cores, all communicating with each other over a single bundle of wires, called a […]

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