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Google Gears For Mobile

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Over at the Google Mobile Blog, they’ve announced the release of Google Gears for mobile.

It’s only available for IE Mobile on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, but they already have Zoho and Buxfer as Google Gears providers.

    With Google Gears for mobile integrated into mobile Zoho and Buxfer, you can now access these web applications even when your phone is disconnected from the mobile web. Stuck on a plane? No problem – you can still read your docs on your mobile with Zoho Writer Mobile offline. Want to buy that new plasma TV, but can’t remember how much is in your account? Check your balance with Buxfer’s mobile web application, even if there is no cell phone signal.

Here’s what caught my eye…

    Once installed, Gears sits happily on your phone helping you stay connected to your data – even when you lose your network connection.

So why can’t we get the same for web services? If you want to use Google Gears for Google Reader, for example, you have to go “offline” first. In other words, you have to manually switch to offline mode, for Google Gears to work. It seems like the mobile version doesn’t have that step, making it much more valuable.

I don’t know about you, but there are many times that I didn’t expect to lose my web connection-or I’m at a crappy conference without WiFi-so why can’t I get the same feature???

Want to learn more? There’s a video you can watch, though I’ve not watched it myself yet. Let me know if it’s any good. 😉


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